Saturday 5 September 2015

Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones

My old faithful Apple earpods finally bit the dust. Time to get some new in-ear headphones for use with my iPhone and iPad.

My requirements were that they had to give good sound, be comfortable, have a mic to use with phone, skype etc and be under NZ$100.

I spent about 3 days researching (I am a bit OCD like that) and found that the Bose SoundTrue seemed to fit the bill, except for price. They had really good feedback on comfort and mic quality, mixed reviews on sound (mainly from people who listened to rap music who complained about the lack of bass) but failed on the price, RRP for these is NZ$219.

I decided to go back to my old faithful and get a new pair of Apple earpods. I then set about seeing if I could get them cheaper than on the Apple NZ shop where the price was NZ$45. I went to dick smiths online and saw that they had these $5 cheaper. Right underneath them was the Bose SoundTrue which Dick Smith had for NZ$159, a good NZ$60 cheaper than the Bose RRP. Hello, I thought to myself, maybe I can get them cheaper if I look really hard. After about 30 minutes of searching, I found a shop in Cromwell, a small town in the South Island of NZ, that were selling them for NZ$109.

I immediately moved my price requirement to $110 and "voila" the Bose SoundTrue in ear headphones now fitted my requirements perfectly. I don't listen to rap music so the lack of a really deep bass didn't bother me. I went online to Gary Anderson's in Cromwell and purchased the Bose SoundTrue in-ear headphones for IOS.

I was very surprised to get an email 45 minutes later saying my order had shipped. Sent them back a complimentary email thanking them for thier excellent service and recieved a return email thanking me. The staff apparently get a coffee and chocolate if they get positive customer feedback.

The headphones arrived via courier overnight and are just as good as I hoped they would be. If you are in market for a good set of in-ear headphones with mic, I can highly recommend these BOSE Soundtrue in-ear headphones. I also suggest that if you are in New Zealand, you jump online to Gary Anderson's in Cromwell and buy them from them. If you are not in New Zealand, feel free to jump on my Amazon Store and buy them there.

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