Thursday 20 August 2015

Redirecting your custom domain name to Blogger

My Blogger URL was I had my custom domain name, and when I entered this url, I wanted my blog to display. Looked at the Blogger settings and there were instructions as to exactly what I had to do to make this happen.

I believed I had followed the instructions correctly but "it no go Mr Fawlty" (Manuel from Fawlty Towers in case you are wondering). The verification step in Blogger kept failing with a domain verification error 5.

I sent the instructions to my domain service provider. They checked and informed me that I had indeed set everything up correctly according to Google's instructions, but "Still no go Mr Fawlty".

I emailed Google, no reply ....... not really a surprise, what do they care.

After much searching, 99.9% of what I found confirmed that I had set it up correctly. There was one document however that proved to be the HOLY GRAIL.

There are two name entries that needed to be set up. One for WWW and one for XCVxxxxxx. This document explained that these were actually shortcuts for and Thought to myself, let me put the full name in and see if that makes a difference. I started with the WWW entry, that made no difference. I then went to the XCVxxxxxx entry, put in the full name ...... et voila ..... when I went back to Blogger settings and tried to verify, it now worked.

I then typed in and my blog showed up. 

Problem solved.

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