Tuesday 31 December 2013

Taking my Daughter for her first long ride

My youngest daughter is 12 and has decided that motorbikes are pretty cool. This came about when I dropped her off at a friends on the bike, and her friends all thought she was just too cool for school.

I thought I would take her on one of my favourite rides. No 2 line from Wanganui to Hunterville. The ride to Wanganui along SH3 would be a test to see how she handled herself.

Well, what a great pillion. I ran through some hand signals, some shoulder taps for things like "Slow Down" (like I would really follow that one), "I need to stop" and "I need to pee". I ran through the cornering technique; always look over my shoulder on the same side as the corner.The usual don't get off and on until I tell you its okay and don't wriggle when we are stopped. Well enough blah blah blah, and then we were off.

What a fantastic pillion she is. I didn't even know she was there. Stopped at Sanson for gas and asked her how she was getting on ... although the ear to ear smile should have told me. From there it was all systems go.

A video of the ride can be found here on my youtube channel.

We have an all day expedition planned for Thursday which should be fun.

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