Saturday 4 January 2014


I am now a Vlogger.

Now before you jump to conclusions about me embracing medieval masochism of some kind, a Vlogger is a Video Blogger.

I have now just lost ⅔ of my audience, who had tuned in expecting something completely different. Oh well, c'est la vie. It's just my sister and some person from the Ukraine who doesn't speak English left now.

Anyway, I digress, back to the topic.

I bought a microphone for my GoPro. I followed the youtube instructions which showed me how to drill a hole in the side of the GoPro case (here is a link). I actually managed to do this without destroying the case, so yeehaa (I have my teeth in and the hillbilly still comes out in me), $65 saved. I have a helmet mount for my GoPro and run the microphone cable down into my helmet, under the cheek pads inside the helmet, clip the cheek pads back into place, and Voila .... I am ready to Vlog.

Went out today and recorded my first video with voice. It is not as easy as it seems and the odd swear word did get into the video, I will have to find out how to edit swear words out, but for now, block your ears kiddies.

After some basic editing, the result can be found here on my YouTube channel.

Happy Watching.

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