Tuesday 10 August 2010


Well I succumbed to the hype and bought an iPad 64gb wifi + 3G model. After a week and a half, do I regret it? Hell no. It is so much fun, a fantastic device that I am having loads of fun with, and learning heaps at the same time..

It has also got me, at 50, delving into RSS feeds and readers and the joys of the dropbox.

I used it the other day in a meeting to take notes using the built in Notes App. It was doing these notes that had me researching how to synchronise between my various PC's, Laptop and the iPad, which lead me to the joy of the dropbox. I use a product called Dropbox as its free and works fine for me. Install an App on the iPad, another on my laptop, signup for 2GB free online and voila ....... synchronising documents.

I subscribed to a podcast, iPad Today (video) from TWIT (also free)which covers all things iPad. It was here that I found out the joys of RSS feeds and now use Google Reader to subscribe to my favourite technology, news and sports feeds. I then found a free (by now you see I have some Scottish blood) iPad App called Feeddler RSS Reader which takes my Google Reader feeds and displays them in a reasonable format on my iPad.

I also found a $20 app called Quickoffice which allows me to read and update word documents and Excel Spreadsheets. So far so good and I haven't lost any formatting.

I purchased a cover and a keyboard with my iPad, or to be correct my wife bought them for me as I got the iPad for a birthday present ..... lucky me.

I took back the iPad keyboard with docking station and swapped it for a standard Apple bluetooth keyboard as I found the iPad in portrait mode to have too small a font to use easily for my old eyes. Yes, you can expand the font, but still, I prefer landscape mode. The cover also doubles as a stand so I can stand the iPad in landscape mode and type away to my hearts content using the bluetooth keyboard.

I had to write this blog on my PC as I haven't yet found a free Blog App for the iPad, but I will keep looking.

Well I am off to play some Need for Speed on the iPad so until next time (hopefully not another two years though).

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