Thursday 27 March 2008

Are the Hurricanes going all the way in 2008

Will the Hurricanes go all the way this year or will this be another year where they are the great pretenders.

It is hard being a Hurricanes fan. The team looks good on paper but seem to self destruct with monotonous regularity.

Lets get rid of Ma'a Nonu. He is an idiot who only knows how to crash and bash and no good teams fear him any more. Let him go to league.

Who is the General now that Tana has gone. There are leaders like Jerry and Rodney, but who is going to be the General?

Sadly, I think this will be another year of all flash and no cash. But hey, the games will be great, they will keep me interested all year (until the semi's) and then there is always the hope that next year will be the year.

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