Friday 25 July 2014

Back from the dead

After not posting anything for four months, I think it is time to start posting again.

I have set myself a goal of posting something everyday, so be ready for an eclectic series of posts.

I have a few things I am planning so I will use this forum as somewhat of a diary with an update on progress.

The first thing is a big ride I am planning. I am going to ride around New Zealand, sticking as close to the coast as I can, bearing in mind I will be riding a sport tourer motorbike. When that ride is complete, I am going to ship the bike to Australia and then do a clockwise ride around Australia. Once again, I will be sticking as close to the coast as a road bike will allow.

Due to health issues, I have had to stop working. This has lead me to look at Kickstarter as a means to fund this ride. Details of the Kickstarter campaign are as follows:

I appreciate any donations towards assisting me to undertake my project.

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