Saturday 12 January 2013

New Years Adventure - Day 3

Well my 3 day ride is now almost over.

I woke up in Tauranga to find a really overcast day with ominous black clouds in all directions. Pull on my wet weather gear, pack up the bike and head off for my first real wet weather ride. I decided to go over the Kaimai's, through Putaruru and have lunch in Taupo.

It absolutely pis..... rained heavily almost all the way. Going over the Kaimai's there was fog and rain with very limited visibility. I have to say, the standard Metzeler Tourance tires on the bike gave me great confidence in the wet. I was very tentative to start but soon realised that my limited skill level would never see the limits of the tire. Once this realisation hit, I enjoyed the new experience of riding in the wet. Did the standard things of avoiding the black shiny bits and avoiding the road markings, but otherwise really enjoyed riding in the rain. Is there something wrong with me ....

Stopped at Taupo to get a fantastic brunch. Bacon, eggs, hash browns, tomato's, toast and coffee for $15. Perfectly cooked and really tasty. Replete, I put my clothes back on .... just thought I would give you that vision of me eating naked just to ruin your day ..... actually put my wet weather gear back on and headed off for home.

Headed down through the desert road through to Waiouru. The rained had eased and I was really grateful to be on a bike as there seemed to be a competition amongst the trucks and caravans to see who could drive the slowest. Through Waiouru and on to Taihape where I thought I would top up my food intake at the soul food cafe. I had seen this cafe on my trips through Taihape so decided to try it out. The coffee was good but the ham, cheese, onion and tomato toasted sandwich was the best I have ever had ..... yum yum.

The rest of the ride back was uneventful. A fine day the rest of the ride made for a great end to a great 3 days.

The G650GS is certainly frugal on fuel. I was getting 260km before the fuel warning light came on. Not bad for 10 litres.

Overall 1200km ridden and can not wait until I do it again. I have my next trip planned. At the end of March the E-Riders are doing an 8 day South Island ride which I have signed up for.

Bring on March!

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