Sunday 7 August 2011

Blogging on the iPad

It has been ages since I last bored you with my views on anything. The reason for this is that I have been using my iPad while I travel and the Blogger site doesn't work well on the iPad. I decided to do some research and find an iPad App so I could blog on the go.

It seems like there are really only two options, Blogpress or Blogsy. I searched for reviews and both were mixed so what sold me on Blogsy was the YouTube video. This showed me what I could do and made me stump up the cash for this App.

This App has features that look like they will help me to make my blog better, but the App is only as good as the User, so in my case, they might struggle to see the App shown in it's best light. At least now I have no excuse for being slack and not posting, other than the fact I am lazy.

Well I am off to learn how to blog better with Blogsy and then I will post a new blog showing off my new found skill, or maybe I will watch the NRL Sunday games first.

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