Saturday, 29 September 2018

Back on an iPad

I last had an iPad in 2016, an iPad Air 2. When it broke, I never replaced it, I just used the MacBook Air and my iPhone. This year for Father’s Day, my kids bought me an IPad Pro 10.5” and the Smart Keyboard. I had forgotten how much of a utility device the iPad was. I got the iPad 2, then replaced that with the iPad Air 2 and used to carry these with me everywhere. I made do with the iPhone 6S Plus but now, being back with an iPad, I realise that this is the portable device to have and how much I have missed using it. Watching video’s is so much better, using the office suite to do work is so much better, replying to emails is so much easier. Updating my blog will be so much ........ but wait ........ what is this .... my favourite blogging app Blogsy is no more. Say it ain’t so 😕 Blogsy was such a great app for blogging on the iPad and now I am having to write my blogs using the Blogger website. It seems that Blogsy went away about the same time I stopped using an iPad. Coincidence ....... I think not! The experience of using Blogger is just not the same. No more offline writing of posts, no more simple embedding of links, no more ..... well no more really user friendly experience. I have searched the inter webs and have not found a Blogsy replacement. If anyone reads this, what do you use on the iPad for blogging?  

UFC 99 - Picelle vs Golum

Thats right folks, UFC 99 is going to be a blockbuster. The aging arch villain GM Picelle will take on the good guy Golum in a Pay-Per-View ...